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Dreiling Insurance is dedicated to providing you the resources, information, and the ability to quote for yourself and your family.  We also provide you research tools so you can select and apply for Health Insurance and other Lines of Insurance that we offer without the need to receive a call or make an appointment...  Unless you want a call or an appointment from us.

Oh, we should also mention that these tools are at no cost to you, they are paid for and provided to you by Dreiling Insurance.  We want to make sure you have the best options and make the best choices possible at a price that makes sense...  It is ok to be frugal here, we encourage it when possible.

How we operate;

We are a Carrier Direct Insurance Broker, we offer Carrier Direct Prices, that means we do not charge any fee or up-charge.  We simply give you Insurance at the Insurance Company Rates.  We are also not tied to any single Company, we work with all admitted insurance companies in California and many other states.

We understand that you may be busy, and you may just have enough time to look at your options and apply for your coverage from your home device.  At Dreiling Insurance, you are provided a quoting tool by us, with no obligation to you.  This page contains the basic information that should help you determine a plan for the year.  We are also available and want to talk with you, so if you have any questions, please hit our Contact us tab or call us at 424-263-4699.  But if you prefer to have not any contact, feel free to run a quote for you and your family, you will see all the plans available to you in your area and you can simply select a plan and apply, just let us know while you are running your own quotes that you would or would not prefer to contact us so we can respect and follow your plans

Now, for your Health Insurance bullet points and what is going on currently;

This year there was a shorter enrollment period than in previous years, so it was important to act quickly.

In California, Open Enrollment Dates ran from November 1st through January 31st during the year 2020.

That does not mean you are totally out of options, because you might have a qualifying life event to choose a plan outside of those dates, in fact, currently if you where unaware or unsure that there is a penalty for not having Health Insurance Coverage during the year 2020 you may qualify and you probably want to request a time to speak with us to make sure you provide the right information to the right Insurance Provider.

Qualifying Life Events may be;

  • Moving
  • Losing Group Coverage
  • Change in Income
  • Turning 26 and being shifted from your Family Plan
  • For a full list here is a link to the California Department of Insurance

Some Basics about Major Medical Health Plans to Consider;

Choosing a health insurance plan can be complicated. Here are a few things before you compare plans can make it simpler.

  • There are 4 metal categories: These health insurance plan categories – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These categories show you how you and your plan share costs.
  • Your total costs for health care: You pay a monthly bill to your insurance company, known as a premium, as you would for any insurance you have. You pay out-of-pocket costs, including a deductible, when you get care. It’s important to think about both kinds of costs when shopping for a plan.
  • Plan and network types — There are various plan and network types from which to choose. They are HMO, PPO, POS, and EPO: Some plan types allow you to use almost any doctor or health care facility, while others limit your choices or charge you more if you use providers outside their network. We can help you understand the difference.

What do you want to consider when selecting your insurance plan;

  • Could I qualify for Tax Credit help from Covered California based off of my income?
  • Should I pay more to lower my Deductible and Co-Pays or would I be better off in the long run with a more affordable plan?
  • Should I pay more for a PPO, or should I save money and select an HMO, after all the plans are required to cover the same procedures
  • Are the doctors I want to see in network, and if I have something other than an emergency, which Hospitals are in network?
  • Does the Insurance Company provide great service to me and my Insurance Broker?
  • Should I manage my selections on my own or should I ask for help?
  • If I go through Covered California, what are all the implications to the answers I am giving, can it change the way my coverage might work?...  The answer is yes by the way...
  • How do I check on my Broker or Agents License Status or what Insurance Companies they can offer?  answer... check CA DOI License Check, here is one of our agents, Jessica L. Dreiling.

How do I run my options or get the information with respect to my options;

  • Hit the Quote button and select Individual Quote for you or your family, this is very easy, just a few clicks and you will have your information.
  • Make sure we know whether or not to call you in the comments
  • Make sure you put accurate Age and Zip Code for each person you want the quotes for.  Otherwise the quote can be entirely off by rates and plans available.
  • Save your account so you can run quotes in the future.
  • Go over your options, check off the above criteria and look for the lowest cost plan that meets those goals.
  • Check your Networks noted on the quote as Provider Search per quote.
  • Check your SBC or Summary of Benefits and Coverage, that will give you a ton of info on your plan.
  • You can hit Apply Now and you will be taken to that Insurance Companies Web Site.
  • If you think you qualify for Financial help, you may want to call us to check on the rates directly for you, as the assistance off of what Covered CA calls AGI and not really what your accountant calls AGI or Adjusted Gross Income

We hope this helps, if you feel you would be more comfortable calling, or setting an appointment, we are here for you and look forward to providing you the information and help you would like.

For more information on selecting your own Coverage and exploring Covered California or another exchange like Healthcare.gov please Click Here.

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